Hot Mess (i_rule_yea_) wrote in catchphrases,
Hot Mess

Bro, delight.

call everyone "bro"

e.i. at the doctors, "you want me to pee in this cup bro?!"

or say, if something is positive say it was a delight, not cool. a delight.

e.i. "Thanks Bro, that check-up was a delight!

I found this community today. i love it already.
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what's e.i.?

(or, is it e.g.?)
it's i.e.

my grammer bad bro!
i think it should be e.g.

e.g., exempli gratia = for example, ...
i.e., id est = that is, ...

(sorry if my comment is not related to the topic at all!)
lol where i live, everyone adds bro to the end of everything already.


but i like the delight bit
sometimes i dont mind being annoying. i will scale it down tho.
no no i love to be annoying.. you're not

just all the teenage boys that live around here that think its ok to call EVERYONE bro.. but not in jest or has a ha ha but seriously

true example

old lady walking down the stairs

boy: "move out of the fucking way bro"