peekpu (peekpu) wrote in catchphrases,

Just add ~ish~

I seem to be the queen of catchphrases, at least in my group of friends.
So recently my favorite thing to do is add "ish". I Love it!

YOU: Do you like that Jacket?
ME: It's nice-ish.

YOU: How are you today?
ME: I'm good-ish.

Another favorite which I totally stole from 'Grey's Anatomy' but not on purpose is "Seriously". I use it all the time - Mostly in shock! Sometimes in a questioning way....

Then there is the ever impressive "You'll bounce back!" Although it is a little cold... I seem to find it amusing when people are complaining, because really, ultimately, they will in fact bounce back....

At work, because I am in a somewhat professional environment, I have stolen a line from 'Family Guy' to stop myself from swearing. "What the deuce?" as Stewie Griffin would say, has saved my ass a few times.

I think that's it for now - I'm sure there are more I can't think of right now... but with a little time....
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